Adaptation of Swimming Pools to COVID-19

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Ensures the health of bathers

Swimming pools must adapt to the new situation caused by COVID-19.

Adapt your Family or Community Pool

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The Wuhan coronavirus or COVID-19 lives in water for a certain period of time, studies have shown. Therefore, following the recommendations of the WHO, a new disinfection protocol must be installed in all swimming pools or, in some cases, the existing one must be adapted. We can provide you with the equipment, after analyzing your case. We can even install the same or do the necessary follow-up during the season.

The most important thing is your health! Don’t put it at risk. With our equipment, the swimming pool is the safest sport environment available.


Proprietary Technology

We have our own technology and we are also distributors of prestigious brands in the sector.



We have a very extensive experience as a company expert in the maintenance of facilities…


Quick Response

You will be able to count on your equipment quickly. Our team will contact you to assess your needs.



We have adapted all our technologies to incorporate the most suitable disinfection systems for each situation.



We are experts in water treatment, including drinking water treatment. So you can imagine that our work is 100% rigorous.


Technical Advice

We will advise you on the best solution to your problem, including whether or not to implement special disinfection measures.

Install the necessary equipment to ensure a COVID-19 free pool.

Special Services for Covid-19

We have adapted our analytical capabilities and our engineers to offer services focused on the prevention or elimination of biohazards.

water treatment

Water Treatment in front of COVID-19

We install water treatment systems that eliminate viruses and bacteria. They also eliminate harmful components for health and machinery.

covid-19 water analysis
covid analysed water

COVID-19 Water Analysis

We have our own specialized laboratory with long experience. That is why we also test the water to see if it is infected with COVID-19.

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swimming pool

Adaptation of Swimming Pools to COVID-19

We analyze the pool water, install the measurement systems and continuous administration of chlorine. This ensures that the water is a safe environment.

ozone and uv system
air conditioning

Air Treatment

We install and commercialize air sterilization systems. Our systems disinfect the water and filter it, so that people can remain in the ventilated rooms.

disinfected water
water treatment

Water Disinfection

We install water disinfection systems. As well as other water treatment systems. Whether it is water for industrial, domestic or recreational use.

uv lamp
ultraviolet rays

UV-C disinfection

We install UV-C radiation systems for area disinfection. We even set up schedules to disinfect at times when the premises are empty of people.


Contact with us

We will assist you and advise you on the most appropriate solution to perform the analysis or disinfection.

You can call us – +34 983 40 39 83

Privacy Policy

“We have a swimming pool in my community. Before opening it we were informing ourselves and we saw that it was necessary to adapt the purification equipment. So we contacted them. They have installed it for us and we are very happy. It’s the safest thing for everyone.”

Evaristo Sanchez

President of a Community of Neighbours

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Get the Swimming Pool Equipment and COVID-19.

Rely on professionals. We will be able to provide you with personalised advice and equipment sales. Our technicians can even install it for you.

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