Winners of the Sixth Edition of the IEA Awards

Winners of the Sixth Edition of the IEA Awards

El pasado día 14 de Octubre hemos sido galardonados con el Premio a la Mejor Iniciativa Empresarial, en la modalidad de proyecto joven.  La Asociación de Iniciativas Empresariales, entregaba los premios en la gala del día 14 de Octubre, con la presencia del Excmo....

Water Hardness Analysis

Water Hardness Analysis

Contenidos de este postWhat is water hardness?How is water hardness measured?When the water is hard and when it is softWhy is it important to test the hardness of the water?Hard water to drink. Hardness of water in human consumptionHard water for use in machinery: the...

COVID-19 Tracking in Wastewater

COVID-19 Tracking in Wastewater

The world is being hit by the epidemic of COVID-19,a virus of the coronavirus family that is keeping all institutions in check. One of the main challenges we face as a society is the early detection of cases and knowing the epideomyological evolution that the...

What is a water test?

What is a water test?

A water analysis is a procedure by which we will determine the chemical, physical or sensory characteristics of the water. However, in many cases we see that we refer with water analysis to different situations. What we traditionally know as a water analysis refers,...


The privacy of our clients is a fundamental factor for us, that is why we take measures to ensure that the samples are treated confidentially in our own laboratory.

Prestige and Rigor

We are a company with a long history and experience in international projects, as well as in small projects. Rigorous water treatment is very important to us.


Thanks to our working method we are able to obtain samples and analyse them within 24 hours in our own laboratory. With this we can monitor all the installations, water and discharges, in order to guarantee the correct functioning.

Patented Technology

We have our own patented purification procedures, which guarantee the maximum quality of the water as well as the innocuousness of the urban or industrial discharges.

Complete Problem Analysis

We are experts in water treatment, purification and analysis. We do not only provide our customers with the best equipment. We analyse the problem and take care of the operation and maintenance of the installations.

Project Execution

We design, execute and maintain any type of project. So that the customer doesn’t have to worry about anything. A guarantee that there will be no problems and that everything will go smoothly.


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