Análisis de lodos
Sludge analysis

Analysis of sludge from sewage treatment plants, necessary to determine the destination of the sludge. Physical-chemical analysis, toxicity, etc.

Additional Services to Sludge Analysis

  • We have a free sample delivery service in less than 24 hours from anywhere in Spain, as we have collaboration agreements with several couriers.
  • We offer the analyses carried out by a Collaborating Entity of the Administration and accredited in UNE- EN 17025 standards.

Applicable Legislation for Sludge Analysis

This standard is the mandatory standard for sludge analysis, specifying maximum heavy metal values for use in agricultural activities. In the same way it establishes that the parameters analyzed at least have to be:

  • Dry matter
  • Organic matter
  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • PH of the sludge in question
  • Copper, lead, zinc, mercury, nickel, cadmium, and chromium


laboratorio de análisis

Our Water and Sludge Analysis Laboratory

We have the latest technology to offer rigorous water analysis, backed by our extensive experience in the sector and the training of our laboratory staff.

Sludge and sludge reuse

In order to determine the purpose and destination of the sludge we must know its characteristics, for which it is necessary to obtain specific and rigorous data from a specialized laboratory.

The sludge obtained by the sewage treatment plant or WWTP is a product that can be reused, having different uses, which must always have the due guarantees. For this reason we offer our clients the services of our laboratory specialised in water analysis.

edar con lodos

Sludge and Soil Analysis for Agricultural Use

Wastewater treatment systems generate a by-product, which is sludge. In the purification process of a WWTP (a wastewater treatment plant) sludge is generated, which we can:

  • Delete
  • Reuse
  • Store

With the analysis of sludge what we are going to know is what sludge we can store and also if we can proceed to its reuse, since the use of sludge is widespread throughout the world because it solves the problem for treatment plants to get rid of sludge and at the same time is beneficial for farms because it makes up for the lack of organic matter that has the land.

The reuse of sludge generated in the treatment process is a particularly useful measure for arid, semi-arid or overexploited areas.

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