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What is a WWTP?

WWTP stands for Wastewater Treatment Plant. That is to say, it is an installation whose purpose is the purification of the water collected in an industry or in an urban nucleus. So it receives water or discharges contaminated by human and industrial use and returns it to the receiving channel, which can be a river, a reservoir, the sea, etc….

What is a DWTP?

ETAP stands for Drinking Water Treatment Plant. It is therefore an installation where the water collected by the network is received so that it can be treated and therefore potable (suitable for human consumption).

What services do we offer for WWTP and DWTP?

We are experts in integrated water treatment, so we offer services ranging from the design of the WWTP or DWTP, to the installation and commissioning of the same. But we not only develop the necessary installations, taking care of everything, we also take over the maintenance of existing installations.

Problems with your WWTP or DWTP?

If there are problems with the WWTP or DWTP of your company or your municipality, we can take care of it. In Aquanova we are experts in the integral treatment of water, so it is best that you contact us so that a specialist can help you.

Maintenance of ETAP

The maintenance of Drinking Water Treatment Plants (DWTP) is very important to maintain the quality of the water and thus to ensure the safety of the people who consume the water.

The DWTP (Drinking Water Treatment Plants) should not have occasional maintenance but should have a company or personnel in charge of maintenance on a continuous basis. This will often require recurrent testing.

Always rely on experts in drinking water treatment. With us you can check the entire water treatment process and we can take care of the maintenance of the entire installation. Even suggesting adjustments if necessary.

Experts in WTP Maintenance

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