How Much Does a Water Analysis Cost

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When we talk about the safety and health of people we should not look definingly at the price since quality water tests may have a higher price than some analyzes that do not guarantee the safety of the water we consume.

The importance of performing water analysis we have already seen in other posts, such as when we talked about the importance of drinking water.

First of all! The first thing we have to differentiate is between a water analysis strictly, which refers or is usually understood to refer to, the analysis of water for human consumption. However, we can also sometimes find water analysis referred to extensively, to refer to what is actually a spill analysis; that is, the analysis of water emitted by an industry or by an agricultural holding, after its use.

Let’s analyze the aspects that make the price difference between the different analyses!

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What the price of a water analysis depends on

The water analysis can depend on many factors, in the end as all services have an infinity of variables, but you should not neglect the following aspects: accreditation of the report, the number of samples that are taken, the process followed for the analysis, the aspects analyzed in the sample and the time or safety in the processing in the sample.

We tell you why and to what extent it is important to pay attention to them!

1) Accreditation of the Report

One of the factors that can most influence the price is whether the sample analysis laboratory is accredited by ENA or by another accreditation body. Thanks to the accreditation of the report we will be able to give it more validity and efficiency, for example the administrative procedures.informe acreditado

Sometimes it is important that the report is supported by an accredited laboratory, for example in administrative procedures for issues such as discharges or lack of water quality. Thanks to the special effectiveness of a report issued by an accredited laboratory, it will only be able to be refuted by another accredited laboratory.

However, in many of the cases it may not be necessary to be accredited since what is sought is to make periodic controls of the discharges or periodic analysis of sources of drinking water that is supplied for a population or a facility.

2) Number of samples taken

Water analyses are often carried out with samples at different times: both on different days, at different times of the day and even at different times of the year. Why? Very simple. infografía de factores económicos

The collection of samples at different times of the year is explained by the reason why rainfall occurs at certain times of the year, and with it can drag some pollutants to the different aquifers. There are also specific tasks throughout the year, such as fertilizing with certain compounds, which can cause substances to seep into the water.

At different times of the day, because for example, some aquifers have different demand for water at different times of day. It is a situation that does not always occur, and that needs to be evaluated by an expert, but for example in the hours of greatest consumption the aquifer may be more «exploited» and with it drag different substances or adhesions.

With the taking of samples on different days and at different times, we add greater representativeness to the results obtained and with it more information. The problem? That raises the price of the analysis obviously, since the analysis of a sample (whose information may be limited) is not the same as the analysis of 15 samples (which although it will increase the price, it will give us more detailed and complete information).

3) The Analysis Process

The analysis processes are innumerable and are adjusted according to the needs of the laboratory customer. For example, it is common to perform blind analyses to preserve the identity of the client, as for example in our case when the client demands it. Thus, the processing of the data is completely anonymous and even the laboratory staff does not know the identity of the origin, reducing the risks that may exist of information filtering.

Comparative analyses are also frequent, to see how a certain event has affected the quality or components of the water. Example: the variation in the quality of drinking water, in a municipality, after the change of the water treatment plant.

4) Aspects analyzed in the sample

The results to be measured in the water can be quite long. From analyzing, for example, metal components in water, to a complete and exhaustive analysis on water or discharge.

As you will understand, more aspects analyzed, the more the price rises, since more equipment is needed and also more time to carry out the analysis. The most normal thing is that laboratories come through packages, that is, you can measure certain parameters or incorporate another group of components.

If you have any questions, you can consult us and we will inform you of the services of our own laboratory for the analysis of water, slurry and discharges.

5) Processing time

One of the key aspects that influence the quality of the study is the time it takes to process the samples, since if they are not handled with the necessary caution, they can be altered as time passes.

That is why the guarantee process is very important to guarantee the invariability of the sample and its fidelity.

In our case, for example, we collect samples with logistics companies with which we have an agreement and therefore we can have the analysis in less than 24 hours, guaranteeing that you do not suffer in the transfer.

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Price of drinking water analysis

The analysis of drinking water is quite variable since it has the most exhaustive controls when consumed directly by the human being. The analysis of drinking water is the most expensive of all in general terms although from one program to another there may be differences obviously.

In addition, with the analysis of drinking water, it is often necessary to repeat the analyzes at different times.

At the same time, the process of «custody» of these samples is the most rigorous because the authenticity of the results and the rigor of them depend on the health and life of the people.

Price of water analysis for irrigation

It is the most economical water analysis of all since it does not require the detail of a drinking water analysis. However, attention must be paid to as water components can affect farm yields. In addition, through the absorption of contaminated water, in the plantations, contamination of the plantation can occur with the economic damages it entails and the danger to public health, if it is not controlled in time.

Price of analysis of industrial or agricultural discharges

They are the analyses that are carried out to measure since the manufacturing processes and other companies such as farms and wineries, need to guarantee the safety of the discharges they make.

It is especially important to have a company that is an expert in water analysis and treatment, so that they can advise you about the measures you should take or what is the sampling procedure you should follow.

Do not forget that non-compliance with the rigorous regulations on the control of discharges can lead to sanctions by Public Administrations and Control Bodies.