How to choose a water analysis laboratory?

water analysis

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Choosing a water laboratory is one of the key factors for the success of your project, since the diagnosis of the situation will depend to a large extent on the results obtained in the analysis of the sample or samples.

In fact, in many projects, such as discharge authorizations, it will be mandatory that you have analysis of them. But it is also extremely important in the cases of Drinking Water Treatment Establishments (ETAP) since we are talking about the health of people, by obtaining the drinking water consumed by citizens. In this Post we told you how to know when we are facing drinking water.

Finally, let’s analyze the aspects you have to choose to select the best water analysis laboratory!

Aspects to choose a water analysis laboratory

A water analysis laboratory is a very complex installation or company due to the large number of parameters involved, so we will try to simplify the aspects to be examined as much as possible:

1) Speed in carrying out the water analysis:

It is quite important the speed in the realization of the analysis so that in the case of detecting anomalous results to be able to take corrective measures as quickly as possible. In the case of water that is used for human, irrigation or animal consumption, as you can imagine the consequences of using contaminated water can be dire. But also in the case of spills, which can be modified by an abnormal operation of the machinery of the industry itself or by some concurrent circumstances.


2) Period between the taking of the sample and the receipt of the sample by the laboratory:

There is another temporal aspect that will greatly influence the quality of the sample, which is the time that passes from when it is taken, until it is received by the laboratory. Since the laboratory receives the sample, it is already in a safe environment in which it will be preserved without suffering any type of modification or proliferation of organisms. That is why it is important to have a water analysis company that has a fast sampling methodology and that takes guarantees for the conservation of the sample. Only in this way will it be possible to ensure that the sample for water analysis or discharge is as reliable as possible.

3) Advice from the laboratory:

The laboratory is going to be first-hand who is going to have the results. The results are very important to make an effective diagnosis of the situation but the interpretation of them. Among them the performance of intermediate analyses or the performance of alternative tests, if not the repetition at different times.

4) Do not choose a company that is only a water analysis laboratory, choose an engineering company in charge of the integral treatment of water:

The interpretation of the results will necessarily lead us to action since in some cases we can detect problems that make it necessary to intervene in the facilities or the correction of problems. That is why it is good that the Water analysis laboratory is also a company that has integral water treatment engineering so that the unity of action can be preserved and they are the ones who carry out the corrective actions, with the subsequent analyzes that verify the effectiveness of the actions taken. In this way it minimizes the agency problem that exists with the existence of several providers in the same service.

5) Possibility of water sampling:

Water sampling is a possibility that is more effective. With a specific riding it can be integrated so that samples are taken automatically at certain times, so we can know if there are differences in water or discharge throughout the day. With the most accurate information regarding the time variation, we will be able to know better the causes and also if it is necessary to apply corrective measures only when certain circumstances happen. We will be more effective and also more efficient.

6) Laboratory experience:

The experience of the laboratory is one of the key factors that will mark the possibilities of advice a posteriori and will also mark the possibilities of advice a posteriori in the detection of the problem and in complementary analyzes in the laboratory if necessary or advice against whether it is necessary to carry out procedures before the Administration.

7) Choose a company that is in charge of the maintenance of facilities:

A water analysis laboratory that is an engineering company that is responsible for water treatment knows the circumstances that can occur first hand and deeper. This is because they are responsible for managing ETAP and WWTPs with all the various problems they may present.

8) Possibility of obtaining an accredited report:

On some occasions, such as when procedures need to be undertaken in front of the administration, it is necessary to present a report issued by a company accredited by ENAC. We offer our customers this possibility, so that they can present the reports of the water analysis laboratory with all the guarantees of rigor.

9) Adaptability or versatility of the laboratory to different situations:

Water tests can be limited or they can analyze an almost infinite number of aspects. That is why it is important that we have a laboratory that adapts to the situation we have, and that makes the analyses to measure. There are some laboratories that offer «packaged» analysis services so it does not fit purely what the client’s situation needs.

If you want to know more information about Aquanova’s services or that we help you in the drinking or waste water treatmentsystem, you can contact us. We can always advise you about the option that best suits you. We also offer our laboratory service, based on our experience, for professionals in the sector.