How to adapt your pool to COVID-19

covid background

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The pandemic declared by the WHO affects everyone in the development of our personal activities. Much has been said about the mechanisms of transmission of COVID through the air,giving rise to the protection through masks that we all wear today. Or also the protection against the viral load of Wuhan coronavirus that may be on surfaces.

However, the presence of COVID-19 in the waterhas taken a back seat. At the outset of the pandemic, it was a very controversial issue due to the fear that COVID-19 could be spread through drinking water. Today we already know that this mechanism of contagion does not occur since drinking water goes through complex disinfection processes and through the plumbing system does not have access to any human, who could infect it.

Despite this, the question arises whether the pools will be safe environments free of COVID-19 for the summer season 2020. Let’s analyze it in parts.

swimming pool

The spread of COVID-19 in unteated water


Water itself does not have a viral load, since viruses are dependent organisms. That is, they need to infect a carrier and then produce transmission. This is very important because unlike bacteria they do not live per se in water, on the contrary they reach the water because viral load is poured on them.

For example: that a person immerses his head in water, since the mucous membranes are areas with contagion capacity. Either that you have a small wound on your skin, cough on water or even if a person dives into the water and has some remnant of COVID-19 on your skin.

What we want to make clear with this is that COVID-19 can be present in the water if it has not received the correct treatment and that the presence of COVID-19 can be carried out at any time. That is, water may be COVID-free today but not tomorrow.

That’s why we are going to tell you how to combat this situation, so that your pool is a safe environment.


How to turn your pool into a COVID-free space

covid disinfection system

So far we have seen that untreated water can have viral traces of COVID-19 and therefore cause a contagion. Thesituation changes completely if there are constant and uniform amounts of chlorine in the water or if there is a very advanced water disinfection system.

The second option, having a deeply advanced desifection system is not viable for most people, communities or municipalities, because the economic cost is very high.

On the contrary, there is a moderately economical equipment easy and simple, which will allow the pool to always have stable and constant levels of chlorine. We provide and even install such equipment.

How does the equipment needed to prevent COVID in swimming pools work?


It is a system that is permanently on and what it does is measure in real time the concentrations of chlorine existing in the water, and manages the amount necessary to reach the level of chlorine concentration that «kills» COVID-19.

What do we get out of that? That COVID-19 can never live in the water, so we turn swimming pools into the safest environment for sports and family fun.




Isn’t it worth it with my traditional chlorine administration?


The answer is resounding. No. Traditionally what many people do to control the level of chlorine in their pools, is a punctual measurement (for example at the end of the bathing day) and with it they incorporate the amount of chlorine necessary to the pool.

This system is not valid since chlorine concentrations drop over time,causing it not to be guaranteed that in the afternoon or in the morning there is a necessary concentration of chlorine.

Keep in mind that in the administration of chlorine you also have to be deeply accurate since it is a chemical element that can cause serious poisoning.

With our system for real-time measurement of chlorine levels and continuous management, you will ensure that the pool is a safe environment for bathers. You will comply with the regulations, take care of your health and also avoid sanctions or claims that may arise in case of contagion.

Learn more about our systems for the adaptation of swimming pools