When you need a water analysis

water laboratory

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The water analyses to which we refer are also known as physical-chemical analyses and those carried out on water. Spill analyses have a special problem, which we will talk about at the end.

In what cases is it necessary to perform a water analysis?

The cases in which it is essential to perform a water analysis are, among others, the following:

1) Analysis of drinking water for human consumption

The first of the cases and in which greater controls is when the water is going to be used for human consumption. It does not matter if the water is going to be incorporated into the urban drinking water network or that it is going to be incorporated into the water network of a hotel, for example. In all cases the water must be analyzed periodically in order to avoid poisoning.

We insist that drinking water analyses are carried out periodically since water channels are living ecosystems and therefore their chemical characteristics vary; so that circumstances may occur that make the water that has been previously drinkable not be drinkable later.

«No one bathes twice in the same river»


That is why it is so important, to preserve people’s health, that the Drinking Water Treatment Stations (ETAP) have a company specialized in it, and that it has its own water analysis laboratory. This way we can guarantee the quality of the water we consume.

2) Water analysis for livestock farms or for animal use

Water tests for livestock use are also recommended in order to avoid diseases by livestock. No one who has worked throughout the year wants any problem to be caused in the animals they have been caringfor, either by the presence of bacteria in the water or by the presence of excessive food

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Cattle are the most sensitive to kidney problems as they have a higher water consumption and a longer life than other animals. They can even suffer from urine infections, with the complications that this entails.

The requirements for water for animal use may seem minor to us, but still water tests are necessary to check precisely if those minimum water requirements are met.

In fact all farms must comply with the obligations described in Royal Decree 14/2003 in this regard, of the water provided to the animals. It is especially important that we monitor the existence of coniform bacteria and escherichiacoli.

The effects of the consumption of contaminated or inadequate water by livestock are not only on animals, and therefore economic, but also in some cases can become consequences on the health of people when consuming these animals.

Even water used for cleaning and disinfection must meet certain minimum requirements, as established in Regulation 853/2004of the European Parliament, which establishes specific hygiene measures for food for animal consumption.

3) Analysis of water for agricultural uses

The water used for irrigation has its sanitary importance,in the incorporation to the food dinner. But also for the very interests of defending the harvest, as well as obtaining better yields.

Not infrequently, farms collect water from the subsoil or also take advantage of water from irrigation systems.

The recommendations to be complied with in terms of the quality of irrigation water are marked by the FAO in various studies and are a recommended source in order to know the recommended levels.

Most of the analysis of water for irrigation will be very useful to diagnose the characteristics of the water and thus be able to install some small equipment that improves the conditions of the irrigation water.

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5) Analysis of water from swimming pools and spas

Swimming pools and spas need constant analysis,in order to refine the water treatment and ensure the health of the people who bathe in the facilities. Whether it is a pool open to the public, or a pool for private use, it is best to trust a company specialized in the maintenance of swimming pools and spas.

This way you can perform the analysis of your pool or spa in an exhaustive and rigorous way, guaranteeing the health of the users and also being much more effective with the treatment of the water.

6) Analysis of water for industrial use

With water for industrial use we mean that which is used by machinery, cooling or heating systems. Not to the water that is incorporated in one way or another into the food chain.

The importance of carrying out the analysis lies in the protection of the machinery, and with it the investment made for its acquisition and assembly. It is better to do this before the commissioning of the machinery itself in order to avoid damage.

Some cases with which you can easily see is when in a heating system,cooling or in some machines we are going to put «water with a lot of lime». This will eventually cause the machinery to deteriorate prematurely or the clogging of the machinery ducts.

Not only water with lime affects our machinery. For example, the use of water with sediments or that is not totally pure, in a closed circuit,is a danger to the installation due to the electrical conductivity it has.

This is also applicable for example for irrigation systems, where water with sediments, or with a large amount of calcium (which is frequent in water obtained through wells) will cause the clogging of many internal components and thereby ruin our irrigation system.

General recommendation on when to perform a water analysis

When asked if you should perform a water analysis, the answer is very clear: do it.

Precisely if you have the doubt about its realization it is because you can not guarantee the safety of the water, so it is best to proceed to perform the water analysis and get out of doubts. Do not forget that many of the alterations of water, such as the presence of heavy metals or bacteria, can considerably affect the health of people, animals or the death of plants.

Spill analysis and the obligation to carry it out

We consider discharge, any water used for a non-domestic purpose or outside the networks is urban sanitation. We will have to carry out in all cases the analysis of the discharges in order to verify that the water treatment carried out by the treatment facilities complies with the regulatory requirements and guarantee safety for the environment. The reasons are obvious.

If you have this or any other questions with water treatment or analysis, you can contact us. As a company specialized in the integral treatment of water,and with its own water analysis laboratory,we can help you. The first consultation is free!